The Aeolian Island Gulet Cruise

Take a spectacular cruise in the heart of the Mediterranean, where you will be enchanted by the Aeolian islands, the "pearls of Sicily". Enjoy a new and different way of holidaying that will lead you to extraordinary places. On our Turkish gulet cruise you will discover the seven Aeolian islands, of volcanic origin and now a UNESCO World Heritage site. We take you to see the coves of Vulcano, the Grotta del Cavallo and the Piscina di Venere, the bathing pool of Venus, which according to legend, restores virginity to those who bathe there. Our journey continues past the Menalda rock formations in the sea off Lipari and to Valle Muria beach - unspoilt, untouched places that can be reached and visited only by boat. Then we sail to the lake of Lingua on Salina, without forgetting to stop for a granita at the renowned Alfredo's Bar. The tour continues to Panarea, with its large rocky ridges at Basiluzzo and Lisca Bianca, an ideal place to stop for a typical Aeolian lunch. Finally, after having circumnavigated Strombolicchio, the natural lighthouse of the island of Stromboli, we reach one of the highlights of our cruise, the volcano of Stromboli and its Sciara del Fuoco or "Trail of Fire", created by the continuous explosive activity of the volcano, or Iddu - "him", as the locals call it.


The Programme


Day One: "Welcome on board!"

Arrival in Milazzo, with the crew to welcome you on board. After check-in is completed, and you have settled into your cabin, a welcome cocktail is served.

Presentation of the week's programme, dinner.


Day Two:

Visits to : Island of Vulcano, Grotta del Cavallo and the Piscina di Venere
Sail to the island of Vulcano.

After breakfast, we spend the morning visiting the "Sulphur Island." Vulcano is famous for its natural sulphur pools in which you can enjoy a mud bath, an excellent treatment for the skin.

In the afternoon we visit the Grotta del Cavallo; inside you will be amazed by the "deafening silence". Have a swim in the "bathing pool of Venus" for your "rejuvenation".



Day Three:

Visits to: Island of Stromboli, Strombolicchio and the Sciara del Fuoco ("Trail of Fire")

Breakfast and then a free morning to visit the island's small village, with its central square and the church of San Vincenzo. The island is world-famous because visitors have the opportunity, if they wish, to trek to the crater at the top of the island's volcano, accompanied by guides. The trek takes around 6 hours, and you must have a minimum level of fitness to undertake it. The effort is rewarded by an absolutely unforgettable vista, at a height of 800 metres.

In the afternoon we cruise round the island and go over to Strombolicchio, a rock off the coast of Stromboli, where a swim in the crystalline waters, a favourite haunt of scuba divers, is a must.

In the evening, dine in comfort on board while admiring Stromboli, a true wonder of nature, which, with its continuous eruptions, is sure to render your evening unique.


Day Four:

Visits to: Island of Panarea, Basiluzzo and Calaiunco

Breakfast. We spend the morning cruising round Panarea, the smallest island in the archipelago. Visit to the magnificent Calaiunco cove with a wonderful walk in the "prehistoric village" nearby.



Day Five:

Visits to: Island of Salina, Pollara, Lingua and Malvasia

Breakfast. We cruise to the island of Salina, known for its famous sweet wine, Malvasia, which is exported all over the world. We visit the bay of Pollara, famous for being the set of the film Il Postino, starring Massimo Troisi.

We also stop off in Lingua and visit Alfredo's Bar for a granita – choose from hundreds of flavours, and also try the famous bread called pane cunzato.



Day Six:

Visits to: Island of Lipari, the capital of the archipelago

Breakfast and cruise to Lipari. Enjoy a free morning in the old town centre and if you wish, visit the Bernabo Brea archaeological museum. This museum, named after the archaeologist from Lipari who founded it, explains the prehistoric age in the Aeolian Islands.

In the afternoon we tour the island, sailing through the Faraglioni, impressive rock formations lying off the coast. We stop at the beach of Valle Muria for you to enjoy a swim.



Day Seven:

Theme: The Flavours of the Aeolian Islands

Breakfast. We spend the day between Lipari and Vulcano. In the morning we go to the

famous spiagge bianche, "white sands beach", created by the former pumice industry, which in the past was the most important of the island's industries.

We continue to Vulcano, passing by the western side of the island until we reach the baia dell'Asino, or "Donkey's Bay".

While we cruise, our chef will prepare typical dishes and explain Aeolian cooking to you.


Day Eight:

Breakfast and disembark.

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