About Us: Mediterranea Crociere

Mediterranea Crociere was officially created on 9 January 2012, by members of the Taranto family and the tour operator Mediterranea Trekking. At the end of 2011 Mediterranea Trekking, a leader in the trekking business in Sicily, organized a major event for the French company, Terre d'Aventure, with which it has been an official partner for 10 years. During the management of the event, there was a chance meeting between the Taranto family and four members of Mediterranea Trekking - Andrea Fedele and Lorenzo Moncada, the Technical Director Igor Fedele and Product Manager Francesco Cutè. From this first meeting a bond started to develop that would lead to a unique initiative between, on the one hand, expert, motivated seamen, and on the other hand a group of lovers of nature and volcanoes, who were already tour operators and indeed experts in the tourism sector in Sicily. This was how the idea developed of providing visitors with the opportunity to discover the Aeolian Islands, on board a classic Turkish gullet and with a cruise itinerary that includes the most beautiful places in the whole archipelago. The cruise – including Donkey bay on Vulcano, the white beaches on Lipari, Pollara on Salina, Calajunco on Panarea, the Sciara del Fuoco on Stromboli, and in addition a trek up to the crater of the volcano on Stromboli, the Fossa delle Felci volcano on Salina, Punto Corvo on Panarea – will leave an unforgettable memory in the heart of everyone who travels with us. This is our philosophy, and Mediterranea Cruises is an expression of our passion for our work.

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