Excursions to Aeolian Islands

kayak and snorkelling   Museum   Diving
Vulcano Island   Lipari Island   Salina Island

Kayak, ascent of the crater; snorkelling.


Museo, tour in bus o scooter


Diving, wine cellar tour, tour of the island.


On Vulcano island, famous for its hot springs, take a guided tour of the island by minibus.

Go kayaking with a professional instructor and, if you are keen on hiking, climb the volcano to the "Great Crater".


On Lipari, the largest island in the archipelago, do not miss a visit to the archaeological museum, which takes us back to the prehistoric origins of the Aeolian islands.
Alternatively, enjoy a guided tour of the island by bus or scooter.


On Salina, do not miss the visit to a wine cellar, where tasting is offered of Malvasia, the sweet dessert wine produced on the island and enjoyed all over the world. Alternatively, take a guided tour, including a visit to the famous bay, baia di Pollara, and the house used as the home of the poet Pablo Neruda in the famous film Il Postino.

helicopter tour   erupting crater    
Panarea Island   Stromboli Island    

Tour in taxi o in elicottero


Salita al cratere




On  the“Island of Love”, another evocative vision of the islands is offered – take a helicopter trip and admire the islands from high up.


This excursion is a demanding hike that takes us right up to the mouth of this permanently-erupting crater. See a unique sight which you will never forget!


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